with Simona Tivadar

Doctor in diabetes, nutrition and metabolism diseases.

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Wello Camp is a free health summer school for children who want to lose weight and cultivate a balanced lifestyle through sports and nutrition. This event was made possible by the partnership between

Simona Tivadar, Kaufland, Wello

Wello is a digital platform aiming to improve the quality of life by offering solutions to children who struggle with excess weight.

Children and their parents can benefit from the Wello platform as a result of a multidisciplinary approach to obesity and excess weight.

Why Wello Camp?

1 out of 3 European children

between the ages of 6-18 are either overweight or obese

Romania ranks 2nd place

as EU’s emerging countries with the highest rate of child obesity

The number is going to double in 7 years

In 2030 the world population of obese children and adolescents is predicted to grow to 254 million – an increase of more than 60%

Multiple factors that cause obesity

The most common causes are genetic and metabolic factors, social backgrounds, lack of physical activity and inadequate food

Main Activities

Wello Camp wants to inspire the whole family to adopt a healthier lifestyle. That doesn’t include only eating well and exercising regularly but also finding an emotional balance and increasing one’s self-esteem.


Evening Walks
Animal Walking
Adventure Day & Treasure Hunts
Story Day
Muddy Day
First Aid Course and Medical Checkups
Offroad Adventure by CERT
Water Slide
Adventure Park
Charity Activities
Artisanal Workshops
Hero Days in Nutrition
Better Emotional & Social Times - program that promotes social integration, developing self-esteem and personal development


Yoga for Kids, Equitation, Hiking, Football, Basketball, Climbing, Swimming.

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Parents’ Workshop bySimona Tivadar

Simona Tivadar, Wello Camp partner and primary doctor with over 35 years of experience in nutrition will host two workshops dedicated to parents on the first and last day of Wello Camp. The seminars will cover all the essential principles needed to live a healthier and more balanced life with your family.

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The main target of our camp is offering financially-challenged children, who are also suffering from excessive weight, a free experience that inspires them to develop a better education in nutrition and personal development. Together we can positively impact their lives and their future!

Final admission results will be announced on the 1st of August 2019. We kindly remind you that the camp will take place between 18th of August and 1st of September 2019 at the Skipass Cabin, located in Vartop, Bihor.

Personal Information about the Participant


Personal Information about Participant’s Parents


Pathological Conditions

More Details

More Details

Ongoing treatments
Food Allergies
Special Diets
Special Requests

Let us introduce ourselves

Wello is a non-profit organization

We are mainly dedicated to helping children who struggle with excess weight. This activity relies solely on the support given by the government, public institutions and partnerships or generous donations.

Wello Camp’s main objective is helping families lead a healthier and happier life together.

Also, we want this camp to be a living proof that families can live healthier, eat better and still have fun in the meantime. The participants will get a chance to change their behavior and the way they perceive nutrition and physical activities.

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